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On this site you can find, userscripts, stylesheets and buttons, to increase Opera's functionality. We also have configuration files to change your keyboard shortcuts, toolbar setup or other settings at the click of a button. Since the release of Opera 11 we also host a few extensions among the userscripts but you can find many  more extensions for Opera here.

If you have something that you think should be on this site please contribute.

NB: This site is in no way affiliated with Opera ASA.

More comments on comments

Because of the increasing activities of asshat spammers registered to the site, comments now require approval before they can be seen on the site, comments by contributors do not require approval since no spammer is going to go through the...

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05-01-2013 - 13:24

Anonymous comments disabled

The amount of spam has been increasing again and i will be unable to deal with it in the coming weeks. For that reason anonymous comments have been disabled. Apologies for the inconvenience

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01-01-2012 - 10:25
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Name Type Rating Postedsort icon Updated Comments Author
OperaFlagLike the flagfox extension for Firefox this script shows you what country the site you're visiting is hosted in, as well as other information. Userscript
(15 votes)
08-01-'11 6 Zotlan
DownloadMediaBarAdds download panel that appears on bottom of web-player. It can be used to download videos from sites like YouTube, Google Videos, MegaVideo, etc. Only for Opera 9 - 10! Userscript
(29 votes)
16-12-'10 0 SmZ
Always Expand "Details" When Adding BookmarksI usually want to edit the address of a bookmark before I add it to make it as clean as possible, or to add a nickname. By default that's hidden behind the "Details >>" button. This clicks it automatically. Buttons, Bookmarklets & Macros
(7 votes)
15-12-'10 2 Frenzie
Bookmarks button ("star in the address bar" replacement)Briefly, Opera had a star in the address bar that indicated whether you had bookmarked the page you were visiting. This button offers the same functionality and more. Buttons, Bookmarklets & Macros
(13 votes)
02-12-'10 6 Zotlan
URL on HoverDisplays URL of the link you are hovering over in a corner of the screen or beside the mouse. Userscript
(19 votes)
09-11-'10 5 years 27 weeks ago 27 Nihility
VbTitleExpanderDisplay tooltip of every topic title at the bottom of it (based on vBulletin forum) Userscript
(0 votes)
29-10-'10 0 Behrouz_Rad
Live Gadgets FixerFix the download dialog position on the gallery.live.com User CSS
(0 votes)
19-10-'10 0 Penge
NoAds(NoScript+AdBlock)/2. Block external scripts, block elements of a page and import subscriptions from AdBlock Plus EHH. Userscript
(13 votes)
18-10-'10 5 years 42 weeks ago 15 Lex1
No click to activateWith this script you do not need to click on plugin content to activate its controls. Userscript
(11 votes)
16-10-'10 4 Zotlan
Fix New TwitterMakes New Twitter look like it's supposed to. User CSS
(4 votes)
13-10-'10 5 years 46 weeks ago 2 Idolon
Fix refreshing Facebook widgetStops the Facebook social widget iframe from constantly refreshing itself. Userscript
(6 votes)
13-10-'10 2 Idolon
SearchEdit, search.ini editor Written in Java, this clever program lets you edit your search.ini file. Making it much easier to add separators and arrange your searches the way you want. You can also use it to import and export your search.ini files. Linked content
(7 votes)
11-10-'10 0 Zotlan
WebP SupportSupports WebP by converting it to a 1 frame WebM movie. Userscript
(6 votes)
09-10-'10 1 Frenzie
Emulate Greasemonkey functions This script emulates a number of functions, not normally available to UserJS, but that are used in greasemonkey scripts. It improves Opera's compatibility with those scripts, though no results are guaranteed. Linked content
(6 votes)
02-10-'10 4 Zotlan
Opera 8.0 Compatible Keyboard setup (v. 1.30)A keyboard setup that takes you back to the Opera 8.0 era, which still had most the classic shortcuts. Keyboard setup
(2 votes)
27-09-'10 1 rijk
Opera 7.5 Compatible Keyboard setup (v. 1.30)A keyboard setup that takes you back to the Opera 7.5 era, which still had all the classic shortcuts as build up from the first Opera versions. Keyboard setup
(3 votes)
27-09-'10 2 rijk
Google translate script (by lex1)After installing this script and editing your menu.ini file you can get google translate translations in a small pop-up dialog, so you don't get taken to a different page, as with Opera's default translation feature. Userscript
(13 votes)
26-09-'10 8 Zotlan
Link alert The link alert script makes a small, descriptive icon pop up when you hover over a link. It shows you when the link leads to a particular file type, an external page or when it seems to be fake. For example, hovering over a link to a .doc file will make a little Word icon appear next to your... Linked content
(3 votes)
25-09-'10 1 Zotlan
Slideshare downloaderFinds links to slides on Slideshare. Useful when regular download is disabled. Userscript
(9 votes)
19-09-'10 6 veggen
Easy Private Tabs/Windows (v2.2)Adds in menu options to allow you to open up private tabs or windows in the right-click link menu. Menu setup
(3 votes)
17-09-'10 5 years 45 weeks ago 19 Quadunit404