Extend your Opera

On this site you can find, userscripts, stylesheets and buttons, to increase Opera's functionality. We also have configuration files to change your keyboard shortcuts, toolbar setup or other settings at the click of a button. Since the release of Opera 11 we also host a few extensions among the userscripts but you can find many  more extensions for Opera here.

If you have something that you think should be on this site please contribute.

NB: This site is in no way affiliated with Opera ASA.

More comments on comments

Because of the increasing activities of asshat spammers registered to the site, comments now require approval before they can be seen on the site, comments by contributors do not require approval since no spammer is going to go through the...

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05-01-2013 - 13:24

Anonymous comments disabled

The amount of spam has been increasing again and i will be unable to deal with it in the coming weeks. For that reason anonymous comments have been disabled. Apologies for the inconvenience

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01-01-2012 - 10:25
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Name Type Rating Postedsort icon Updated Comments Author
YouTube LiteProvides a super light and clean interface on top of Youtube. Userscript
(4 votes)
16-09-'10 8 smallmeans
Ubiquity for OperaAn attempt to rewrite Firefox's Ubiquity extension for Opera using UserJS. Userscript
(3 votes)
16-09-'10 0 cosimo
Gigatorrents fixerFix the not loaded covers image on the Gigatorrents.ws User CSS
(3 votes)
10-09-'10 5 Penge
Userscripts.org fixerFix the search field position in userscripts.org User CSS
(2 votes)
10-09-'10 0 Penge
Bypass GameFAQs file viewerProceeds directly to bare files at GameFAQs, so that scripts operating on relevant files can actually work. ;) Userscript
(0 votes)
06-09-'10 0 JKing
Google search filterAllows google search results to be filtered (removed) based on their URL matching a user-defined set of rules. Userscript
(0 votes)
06-09-'10 2 splondike
SVG Zoom and PanAuto zoom and pan SVG, either opened directly in browser or embedded Userscript
(0 votes)
30-08-'10 5 Spadar Shut
hi5 site specific CSSRemoves the numereous different types of ads all over the site. Also allows pictures to be saved via right-click.Shows photo links. User CSS
(1 votes)
14-08-'10 0 Nailz
CSS AdBlockThis userjs can be used for easily blocking page elements (and text ads). You simply select the element you want to be block. The element blocking rule is generated and added to localStorage/cookies. Userscript
(14 votes)
02-08-'10 11 Lex1
Fix TwitterMakes Twitter look like it's supposed to. User CSS
(3 votes)
28-07-'10 5 years 46 weeks ago 1 Idolon
Download html5 movies from youtubeYoutube has started using the <video> tag on their website in conjunction with webm files, which is nice. Unfortunately, they've decided to try and make it hard for you to download the videos to your PC. Fortunately, that is easily fixed with this stylesheet. User CSS
(11 votes)
28-07-'10 0 Zotlan
BP Oil Spiller - For OperaYou may have seen the oil spill extension for Firefox, well now us Opera users have a Userscript version Ours has an updated and faster version of jQuery, removed the -moz stuff from the oil spill part of the script, and made it adjustable with UJS Manager. Userscript
(5 votes)
06-07-'10 3 toyotabedzrock
NRC Digitale Editie FixSuppresses the default annoying behavior of digital NRC. Instead of opening articles in a lightbox only accessible through left click, this script replaces this ludicrousness with regular links so you get all the power that comes with regular links, such as opening them in background, creating... Userscript
(7 votes)
03-07-'10 11 Frenzie
Google URL ShortenerShorten url with goo.gl, the new Google URL shortener. Buttons, Bookmarklets & Macros
(12 votes)
04-06-'10 9 alexandrius
Mini TranslatorFast google translation in the status bar. Userscript
(26 votes)
04-06-'10 28 alexandrius
Word CounterDisplays the number of characters/words in the currently focused textarea in status bar Userscript
(4 votes)
03-06-'10 2 alexandrius
Get FlashGives link for videos and flash objects Buttons, Bookmarklets & Macros
(10 votes)
03-06-'10 1 alexandrius
Drag & Drop & Zoom ImagesBetter images autosizer with Drag&Drop feature Userscript
(29 votes)
01-06-'10 3 alexandrius
HTML5 video full-screenAdds fullscreen capability to every <video> Userscript
(13 votes)
01-06-'10 3 alexandrius
Site specific zooming.This script basically allows you to set specific zoom sizes for specific sites. Userscript
(3 votes)
29-05-'10 3 shoust