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Ziggo (a major Dutch ISP) uses some very dirty browser sniffing on their website, this extension removes it.

This extension removes the browser sniffing from, making the site work in Opera without getting their blasted error message at every page.

(i'll upload this to when i can find the time to make an icon for it.)

Deze extensie zorgt er voor dat je met Opera kunt gebruiken zonder steeds de foutmelding te krijgen dat Opera niet ondersteund wordt.

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No click to activate

With this script you do not need to click on plugin content to activate its controls.

Because of the Eolas patent Opera users have to click on plugins, like flash, before the controls are activated. This script gets rid of that problem.

Possible side effects include: 

  • Script may prevent plugin content from loading correctly
  • Script may cause Opera to crash
Original author: 
Stoen, based on Tarquin

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Fix refreshing Facebook widget

Stops the Facebook social widget iframe from constantly refreshing itself.

Some sites (like have a Facebook social widget that, for whatever reason, constantly refreshes itself in Opera. The flickering status bar eventually annoyed me to the point where I wrote a userscript to fix it. It rewrites window.location.reload() so the widget iframe can't refresh itself.

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NRC Digitale Editie Fix

Suppresses the default annoying behavior of digital NRC. Instead of opening articles in a lightbox only accessible through left click, this script replaces this ludicrousness with regular links so you get all the power that comes with regular links, such as opening them in background, creating linked windows, etcetera.

This script can be used alone, but I recommend using it in conjunction with my new user CSS (which remains closer to the default layout) or Zotlan's (which turns the contrast around).

A separate settings file can be used, though for now there's only one setting.

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Youtube HTML5 Native Controls

Shows Opera's native HTML5 video controls in Youtube's HTML5 beta.

Tested in the latest Opera WebM Labs build (Windows build 10.54.21868). Might also work in Firefox or Chrome - not tested though.

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Inspired by Wladimir Palant's Element Hiding Helper, there's an Opera alternative!

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Automates download for free user and alerts with sound when countdown is down.

Automates download for free user and alerts with sound when countdown is down.

Script author is Igor47

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Fix Elfwood artwork display

Fix broken Elfwood styling

Elfwood's styling breaks in Opera 10.50 (and perhaps earlier). This fixes it.

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Youtube Protection Remover

Removes lame protection on YouTube

This message was posted by Rijk on the my.opera blog.
"Use 'Help > Check for Updates' to get the freshly updated browser.js that will work around the Youtube problem for now. With this update, you don't need to manually install a user javascript anymore."

Removes lame protection on YouTube. Old flash? Go Upgrade! fixer. Script author is Snap

Snap100's original description:

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Show Just Image

Removes garbage from some image hosting sites and displays the image only.

Redirects to direct image link.

Script author is n5zhkyln

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