NRC digitale editie, white on black

This stylesheet shows articles of the NRC digital edition in a centred column with big letters and white text on a black background, good for reading at night.

This script, by Frenzie lets you open the lightboxed articles of the NRC digital edition as though they were normal pages. Their default styling still leaves something to be desired though. This CSS is great for reading articles in the evening. The black background is easy on the eyes and the text is nice and big so you don't have to get close to the screen but can lean back. The column is wider than the default column but not so wide that it's annoying to read.

In short:

text/css iconnrc.css (83)
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NRC Digitale Editie Fix

This stylesheet tries to make the new NRC website a little more usable and fluid.

It also makes the links to the different sections on the left a little smaller so more (or all) can fit on the screen at once, removes the giant logo, and some other useless padding.

Look in the stylesheet to set the background color.

This stylesheet can either be used alone or in conjunction with the Fix NRC UserJS


1.01 2011-01-30 Some refinements.
1.0 2011-01-29 First release.

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NRC Digitale Editie Fix

Suppresses the default annoying behavior of digital NRC. Instead of opening articles in a lightbox only accessible through left click, this script replaces this ludicrousness with regular links so you get all the power that comes with regular links, such as opening them in background, creating linked windows, etcetera.

This script can be used alone, but I recommend using it in conjunction with my new user CSS (which remains closer to the default layout) or Zotlan's (which turns the contrast around).

A separate settings file can be used, though for now there's only one setting.

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