Minimal Widescreen

Browsers are trending towards removing as many controls as possible so as to maximize screen real estate. They universally, however, ignore that monitors now have tons of extra width and sometimes even *less* height than they had fifteen years ago. This toolbar setup attempts to hyperminimize vertical usage (because we have less vertical available than we used to!) while using some of that space along the side we're not using anyway.

Here's how it looks:

minimal_widescreen toolbar screenshot

This work-in-progress crams any useful control into the status bar.  From left to right, we have the following:  

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Minimalist web development toolbar setup

This toolbar setup has two goals, to save as much space as possible and provide some useful buttons for web development at the same time.

First things first, a screenshot.

Screenshotof the toolbar setup

Click for a bigger version.

The button between the address field and the search field is what was formerly the star in the address bar. Clicking it opens the bookmarking dialog. Unfortunately, the skin i'm currently using does not have the image files to show an actual stars.

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