Fix New Twitter

Makes New Twitter look like it's supposed to.

Twitter uses -moz and -webkit prefixed CSS properties, but often leaves out the unprefixed versions that work in Opera (and sometimes includes -o prefixed properties that don't exist). This stylesheet fixes as many of these missing properties as possible and makes Twitter look like it's supposed to.  This is pretty much, but for the new Twitter.

This stylesheet was generated with my CSS Fix widget with a couple fixes for textbox backgrounds and positioning of buttons on the search page added by hand.



Added unprefixed text-overflow for 10.70+

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text overflow

The stylesheet uses -o-text-overflow. That will be discontinued with opera 10.70 or what comes next. Use text-overflow instead.

Thanks for the catch.  I

Thanks for the catch.  I updated the tool I used to generate most of that to output text-overflow instead of -o-text-overflow, but since some Twitter pages still use the old layout, the second half of the stylesheet is copied from my original Fix Twitter stylesheet, which I generated before I updated the tool.

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