Wikipedia Site Specific CSS

A simple css file for Wikipedia for a cleaner experience.

Removed unnecessary header, left navigation panel, and footer so all you see if the content. Note that the navigation panel was removed because you can search using Opera's address bar.

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Thank you!

The strange thing is, it works pretty nice on, but on there are some issues. I made a screenshot:

edit: I think you updated your file and my issues happened with your first css. With your updated file it works on, but now on it doesn't work anymore.

So I'm using your old css for and your updated css for now. :-)

Actually thats fine for me, but maybe you want to make it work on differnt language versions of wikipedia.

Updated for de.wikipedia

I have uploaded a new file, wikipedia2.css, to fix the issue with the de.wikipedia site. I noticed everytime I do an edit, after I click save, there will be a message saying access denied, and the new file updated file will not be linked. I didn't think my first edit worked, but after waiting one day to check, I guess it did. Does anyone else have this problem?

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