Actions Menu

Added functionality (,,, whois...).

Includes the following:

A new submenu in the browser menu bar and in the page right click menu that includes:

  • - send the current URL to the service.
  • - expands short URLs in the current page.
  • - sends the current URL to
  • perform a google search on the current site.
  • perform a "google related" search for the current URL
  • a Whois/Netcraft search for the current URL

A "Go to URL" item in the Edit Widget Popup Menu section so you can open a URL present in a edit field by highlighting it > right click > select "Go to URL"

A "Open with" menu item on the Link Popup Menu, Image Link Popup Menu and Image Popup Menu sections.

UPDATE: Some tweaks.

Installation Instructions: 
  • To install, simply click on the file, click OK on the warning message. Opera will then install and ask you to confirm the installation.  If you are not satisfied with the new setup you can change back to the old one by going to file->preferences->advanced->toolbars and selecting the setup of your choice. It is also possible to delete or rename the new setup there.

If you want to look at the source of the file, open it in a new tab. Whether by middle-clicking or right-clinking and selecting "Open in new tab"

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great new submenu

nice file.

however I wanted to preserve the rest of my previous menu settings so I did not fully install your modifeid menu but I rather just copied and pasted the last 2 sections of your ini file to my current standard_menu.ini file.

that's the code people need to append to their orginal ini files.

[Browser Menu Bar]
Submenu, MI_IDM_HELP_PRINT_PARENT, Browser File Menu
Submenu, MI_IDM_HELP_COPY_PARENT, Browser Edit Menu
Submenu, M_BROWSER_MENU_BAR_BOOKMARKS, Browser Bookmarks Menu
Submenu, M_WIDGET_MENU, Browser Widgets Menu
Feature Feeds, Submenu, M_MENU_BAR_FEEDS_SUBMENU, Browser Feeds Menu
Feature Mail, Submenu, M_BROWSER_MENU_BAR_MAIL, Browser Mail Menu
Feature Chat, Submenu, M_BROWSER_MENU_BAR_CHAT, Browser Chat Menu
Submenu, M_TOOLS, Browser Tools Menu
Platform Mac, Submenu, M_BROWSER_MENU_BAR_WINDOW, Browser Window Menu
Submenu, "Actions", Actions Menu
Submenu, M_BROWSER_MENU_BAR_HELP, Browser Help Menu

[Actions Menu]
Item, ""="Go to page, "javascript:var%20d=document,w=window,enc=encodeURIComponent,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,x=d.selection,s=(e?e():(k)?k():(x?x.createRange().text:0)),s2=((s.toString()=='')?s:('%22'+enc(s)+'%22')),f='',l=d.location,p='?v=3&u='+enc(l.href)%20+'&s='+enc(d.title)+'%20'+s2,u=f+p;try{if(!/^(.*\.)?tumblrzzz[^.]*$/.test(;tstbklt();}catch(z){a%20=function(){if(!;};if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent))setTimeout(a,0);else%20a();}void(0)""
Item, "Expand URLs"="Go to page, "javascript:void(function(){if(typeof jQuery == 'undefined'){var s=document.createElement('script');s.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);}var l=document.createElement('script');l.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(l);function runIfReady(){try{if($.longurlplease){ clearInterval(interval); $.longurlplease();}}catch(e){}}; var interval = window.setInterval(runIfReady,100);}())""
Item, "PrintWhatYouLike"="Go to page, """
Item, "Search site"="Go to page, "javascript:var t=window.location.hostname;var s=prompt('Google site search - enter search string:','');if(s)void(location.href=''+t+'+'+s+'&sourceid=opera')", 1, "Search site", "Search Web""
Item, "Google Related?"="Go to similar page, """
Item, "Whois / Netcraft"="Go to page, """

Thanks.   Yeah, that´s the


Yeah, that´s the problem with Opera´s menu system; it doesn't merge custom .ini files, which basically defeats the whole purpose of sharing files.

For the record, the sections you posted will only add a "Actions" menu on the Browser Menu Bar. People who want the other additions (like an "Actions" submenu on the Document Popup Menu for those who disable the menu bar) will have to copy the other relevant sections from the .ini file. 

Good info

Hello! cbcbkff interesting cbcbkff site!

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