URL Elongator Plus

Converts short links from tinurl.com, bit.ly, etc (about 300 domains) into it's long versions!

This scripts searches all links on page and checks which one can be from shortening services (like tinyurl.com, bit.ly, and other 300 domains). After document is loaded one can hover over any such link and it will after a while convert to it's long version. This allows for previewing where we are going to go. Usefull on pages like twitter.com, but works everywhere.

This is extended version of URL Elongator which only checks relevant link (not all), have UserJS configuration, performs optional elongation on startup (with configurable number of links), and optional debuging. It have also intelligent elongation of dynamic content! It also is compatible with most "Text to link" userscripts (ie. Linkify).

Privacy Notice: for elongation it is using http://url-elongator.appspot.com/ application created by original author: arty  from
36006.user.js (from userscripts.org).

TODO: convert to use longurl.com. 

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