YouTube HD Ultimate working with Opera

A great YouTube script adapted to work with Opera.

I took some time to make the YouTube HD Ultimate userscript ( work with Opera latest stable release.
There is still some work to do, but my modifications make it work with Opera too (still working on FF of course!).

For those interested, see :

Help from other Opera developers could be helpful.
See u ++


Even if I like Firefox, I'm mainly an Opera user.
Because I really like the YouTube HD Ultimate userscript (, I took some time to make it work on
Opera latest stable version, without breaking the FF compatibility.
There is still some work to do, but it's a good step.

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Some Issues to get that script working.

That script would be really nice, but i dont get it working with Opera 10.10. I deleted all my other userjs temporally, because i thought there could be a conflict, but it didn't change anything. Normally I'm browsing on youtube in german and I tested switching to english, but the script is still not working. Any Ideas what could be the issue?

re:Some issues

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Hum it's weird, one guy as the exact same problem for the other script I've posted. But both of my scripts are working great with Opera 10.10, either windows or linux.

I guess the problem is the name of the file, it should end by ".user.js", else it's not working. Opera made modifications about that a few months ago if I'm correct.

So be carreful when downloading or because the file is renamed 63880.user_0.js and 52584.user_1.js for my other script.

Does that resolve the issue ?

re: Some issues

Hey, thanks for your reply.

Changing the name of the file was the right answer. It works now, but I'm not able to save my settings in the options menu. It looks like they would be saved, but when I'm opening another video, my settings are gone.

Any suggestions for this issue, too? :)

Hi, ok good then if the


ok good then if the script is now working.

About the settings : yeah I know, see :, check Known issues & What isn't working with Opera sections

Workaround for now : you can manually edit the script to set the desired settings. The configuration variables are at the top of the file, in the "var opts =" bloc. The second parameter in the array is the default value. Set it to the desired value...


What the Error Console says:

User JS compilation
Syntax error C:\Users\Tom\Documents\UserJS\63880.user.js: line 80 of User JS script :
Expected token: ';'
prev.src = "<A href="">

Okay, I got it working. Now

Okay, I got it working. Now the options won't save. Please help!


Okay good \o/

I'm glad you got it working. Do you have an idea why it wasn't working ? How did you manage to make it work ? (to help thoses who still have issues)

The options aren't working for now, it's a known issue. See my previous post on this page (Wed, 12/16/2009 - 11:38). I also mention a workaround to define options for good.

I haven't got enough time to enhance the script and resolve bugs, but this version is a stable draft which anybody could modify. For now, no developer contacted me, but maybe some day I'll or some people will take care of this script ;)

Not workin

I am using opera 10.51 and all I get is "image" box in front of the first link. Nothing else.

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