About UserJS

User Javascript, also called UserJS or userscript, can be used for many things. It can fix websites that are broken in Opera, it can add features to sites, to make browsing them more enjoyable. Userscripts can even be used to add features to the browser itself. The Firefox equivalent is called Greasemonkey. While a lot of greasemonkey scripts can work with Opera, not all do, the files on this site have been tested for use with Opera. The UserJS files on this site have been divided into six categories, for more on those see the list on the right. Installation instructions can be found on every script's page.



  • Browser fixes: These files fix problems with the Opera browser, they are not site specific
  • Browser improvements: These files add features to the browser, they are not site specific
  • Developer tools: These files add features that can be used by web developers.
  • Site enhancements: Scripts that add features to specific websites
  • Site fixes: Scripts that fix problems between Opera and a specific site
  • Other: Scripts that do not fit into any of the above categories

User Javascript

Name Category Rating Postedsort icon Comments Updated Author
Site specific zooming.This script basically allows you to set specific zoom sizes for specific sites. Browser improvements
(3 votes)
29-05-'10 3 shoust
Mangafox Ajax PreloaderPreloads all the pages in a chapter, overrides the page changing controls for immediate page turns, and optionally removes all ads from the page. Site enhancements
(4 votes)
21-05-'10 0 06-03-'11 Idolon
Youtube HTML5 Native ControlsShows Opera's native HTML5 video controls in Youtube's HTML5 beta. Site fixes
(18 votes)
20-05-'10 8 lucideer
Block Facebook External AccessBlocks all sites other than Facebook from loading JavaScript hosted on Facebook servers to prevent any unknown use of your profile data via bug or change to Facebook policy. Other
(3 votes)
19-05-'10 1 BtEO
External Links in New WindowIf you prefer all external links to open in a new window, this is your script. Browser improvements
(1 votes)
09-05-'10 2 Frenzie
4chan expands all pics at once !!This script will add a button to 4chan boards, when you click it, a new page will be opened displaying all the pics that you are currently viewing but all maximized. UPDATED 01-Oct-2012 Site enhancements
(26 votes)
08-05-'10 8 03-10-'12 Snappy
OperaElementHiderInspired by Wladimir Palant's Element Hiding Helper, there's an Opera alternative! Site fixes
(2 votes)
07-05-'10 8 SlimShayD
Rapidshare.com helperAutomates download for free user and alerts with sound when countdown is down. Site fixes
(23 votes)
06-05-'10 4 alexandrius
Remove blank targetsStops most links from opening to new windows. Browser improvements
(13 votes)
04-05-'10 6 JKing
Facebook friends checkerCheck if friends on Facebook removed you from their list. Site enhancements
(2 votes)
03-05-'10 0 PH
Fix Elfwood artwork displayFix broken Elfwood styling Site fixes
(0 votes)
25-04-'10 0 JKing
Google translate characterbarAdds an insert special characters toolbar (e.g. accented) to Google Translate. Site enhancements
(5 votes)
23-04-'10 2 splondike
Auto-Hide Status BarShows a temporary status bar when the cursor is over a link (chrome-like) Browser improvements
(8 votes)
18-04-'10 34 The-Doc
Wrap plain text filesWraps long lines in plain text files to desired width Browser improvements
(0 votes)
16-04-'10 0 JKing
Force YouTube HDA simple means of forcing YouTube to default to HD video Site enhancements
(19 votes)
15-04-'10 4 JKing